So I’m in Tel Aviv, Israel at the moment, working on a project.. Israel is so amazing this time of year, the sun, the heat, the amazing people, the beaches and the food is so great. if you never been here make a plan and go visiting. Israel is the best.
while I’m visiting this amazing country I will bring you some new trends that Israel has to offer.

Today I have been walking around in Tel Aviv, the main big city of Israel, Some people called it a small New York City…mmmm.. The first stop I went to with my little brother Or and my good friend Hagit was the new complex called “Hatachana” the old train station of Tel Aviv. this place is the most fashionable & trendy place in Tal Aviv now,

Hatachana Complex, is a renovated historical site on the border of Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Visitors can enjoy a closed area for pedestrians only with shops, cafe’s, restaurants, organic market art galleries and a family fun activities.
the location couldn’t be better: between the beach and Neve Tzedek, the city’s first Jewish settlement outside Jaffa and now a lively district of renovated pastel houses and designer boutiques, especially along Shabazi Street, which ends where the HaTachana complex begins.
It’s easy to spend an entire afternoon or evening wandering through the complex’s 16 different buildings and public spaces.

It’s a mixture of old and new, Tel Aviv-Jaffa’s old train station has been renovated into a stylish complex that houses shops, restaurants, arts shows & classes, two weekly markets and lots of other events. After 5 years of conservation and development work, HaTachana officially opened in 2010 to the public. The Tel Aviv Municipality beautifully preserved the original design of the buildings while creating open, pedestrian-only spaces for visitors to enjoy the atmosphere.

An old railcar sits on train tracks in front of the station’s original building, greeting visitors as they walk into HaTachana. It’s a fun tribute to what used to be and shows how Tel Aviv embraces its past while moving forward and evolving as a modern city.

Every week, HaTachana hosts “UNIQUE”, a designer/artist/craft fair on Thursday evenings from 7:00pm- midnight. Fridays from 8:00am-2:00pm is “Orbanic”, an organic fruit & vegetable shuk that also showcases eco-friendly household & beauty products.

Check HaTachan’s website ( for current information on additional markets and special events.

The unique little stylish boutiques of Israeli designers are amazing and gives you such a great feeling while you doing your shopping.

The most amazing shoe store called: “Shofra”

Fun time in the sun.

Don’t forget to drink allot of water…. it’s so hot here!