Let’s be honest, we live in a city where perfection is an expectation.  Regarding style and fashion, it is upon the individual to go above and beyond when it comes to piecing together their outfits for the day.  Does this inadvertently mean that people cannot leave the house in sweatpants or as a friend of mine colorfully puts it: your ‘comfs’?  Absolutely not.  However it comes down to the point of how you wish to be represented throughout the day, nay, be viewed by any particular New Yorker until you cross their paths again.

In a city super-saturated with people involved in every facet of the fashion industry; from stylists, to models to designers (oh my!), there is an expectation that everyone will try to put on their best front.  I’ve heard many people claim that they do not have the bank roll to drip in Givency, Laurent and the like but this is not the expectation.  Labels do not necessarily mean that one has style or flair.  This comes from the individuals attempts.  Keeping their ears pressed firmly against the pavement where the Jimmy Choos and Monolo’s are pounding the pavement and interpreting these fashion trends in a way that is accessible to both themselves and their bank accounts.

I suppose the moral of the story is; money should never dictate whether one has style and flair.  It simply comes down to an attempt at what you believe is fashionable and having the confidence to pull off any piece you chose to wear.  Most importantly, have fun with it and don’t let no woman tell you what you can and cannot wear.

Christopher Klimovski