Stone Island Shadow is an Italian brand. It began as a discourse between Sportswear Company owner and creative director Carlo Rivetti, the design team of Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh, also known as ACRONYM®. Their clothes are designed for a new generation of urban masculine apparel.

AW‘010 ‘011

Through the use of compound treatments and multiple effects, fabrics and garments are invested with uncommon dimensiona-lity and sophistication. Surface becomes depth as the senses perceive treatment upon treatment and effect upon effect. Patterns map dynamics, treatments reveal structures, and colors deepen contrasts in a way that both obfuscates and rewards.

The cool thing about Stone Island Shadow is its ability to thrive at all points pos­sible, and its resistance to being pinned down at all.


Stone Island Shadow is primarily a system based upon the idea of clothing as a man’s interface with, or enabler within, his environment.

The PARSEQ GRID is the organizational framework upon which this idea is built.

The name PARSEQ (pronounced: pahr-sek) is an acro-nym for the 5 categories of the system: PROOF, AUGMENT, RESIST, SKIN, and EQUIP. It denotes not only the syntax of the system, but also the idea of resolution into component parts (parsing from linguistics and computer science), as well as a forward looking long-term perspective (a parsec or parallax second being a unit of measurement equal to 3.26 light-years or about 30.8 trillion km).

Proven functional principals from both military and active sportswear allow the individual items in the collection to work both alone and, most effectively, synergistically together.

The PARSEQ GRID is independent of seasonal and aesthetic change. This means that there is functional continuity between all Shadow collections and items, regardless of when they were produced and/or purchased. Each item is an investment in, and an extension of, its owner’s personal system.

We love their clothes and we us them often when we have to dress actors as a sporty characters for a T.V series or commercials. You can find them at Barneys Co-op stores.

Stone island shadow project FW 2010 – 2011

STONE ISLAND SHADOW PROJECT AW ‘010-011 from Stone Island on Vimeo.