Stone Island, in collaboration with Fondazione Pitti Discovery
An exhibition of thirty years of history, research and experimentation
Stazione Leopolda_ Florence
Opening Tuesday, June 19, 2012
on the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo no.82
Stone Island will exhibit 30 years of its history from 1982 to today. The brand that belongs to Sportswear Company and is headed
by Carlo Rivetti retraces its history dedicated to textile research and experimentation, the study of garments’ function and use and
to innovation, often investigating worlds that are far from clothing. A point of view and approach to research that is acknowledged
as an indispensable reference for the sportswear and design worlds.
The STONE ISLAND 30 exhibition, produced by Stone Island and hosted by Fondazione Pitti Discovery at the Stazione
Leopolda in Florence, is curated by the British creatives Simon Foxton and Nicholas Griffiths.
In the 21.000 square feet within the Leopolda station, the atmosphere of historic industrial site remains intact; the exhibition plan
unravels, divided into eight areas dedicated to themes of excellence explored and defined by Stone Island over the past 30 years.
An exhibition that recounts not only a part of the history of sportswear related fashion, but also of the fit ful research into fabrics
and their treatment as finished garments. A symbolic evocation of the workshops of Renaissance craftsmen, brought into the
present through the specificity of the manufacturing processes that led to the creation of the celebrated “Made in Italy.”
The event is a harmonic examination of the specific fields of research, illustrating their origins and evolutions, the stratification of
the various levels of experience and the transversal technical and technological translations between dif ferent worlds.
The retrospective STONE ISLAND 30 includes more than 200 garments from the archives, with the countless treatments,
production and processes that contributed to their creation.
One moves from innovative treatments like fabric coatings, resin coatings and plating, to the study of the refraction of light and
investigations into thermo-sensitive textiles. From the more particular garment dyeing and double dyeing techniques, to the ef fects
and dynamics of under pressure dyeing and to the garments in fabrics foreign to the fashion world, such as those originating in the
aviation or biomedical industries, the vast array of Stone Island’s experimentation will be on display.
On the occasion of the Exhibition, Stone Island will present for the very first time, “Archivio ’982–’012”, the book that showcases
brand with more than 300 iconographic images of garments from the archives.
“I am very happy and thank the Pitti Discovery Foundation for deciding to share such an important moment with us by hosting our
30 year exhibition at Stazione Leopolda, and for their collaboration in organizing this event that will open on the occasion of Pitti
Uomo, the most important international event interpreting menswear through style, fashion, design and culture. I immediately
accepted Gaetano Marzotto and Raf faello Napoleone’s invitation enthusiastically because of that mutual esteem that has always
united us and because, when we began to plan our exhibition, I knew right away that Stazione Leopolda was the perfect place, full of
history and culture. This is the first time that Stone Island is celebrating itself. We have never organized any kind of event so the
strain and enthusiasm are at their highest level. I reckon that, having reached three decades of history, there is something to tell
and, for me, the collaboration with Fondazione Pitti Discovery is an acknowledgement to our work of which I am very proud”.
Carlo Rivetti. President and CEO of Sportswear Company
“The great exhibition for Stone Island’s thirty years held in Florence is a beautiful project and we are pleased to be able to give our
contribution. This alliance with a sportswear iconic brand based essentially on product innovation is a matter of prestige. This project
is also coherent with the Pitti Discovery Foundation program, following on perfectly the themes addressed in our latest exhibitions;
I am referring to “Workwear. Work Fashion Seduction” or the exhibition dedicated to the Californian artist Andrea Zittel, all projects
enquiring the innovative relationship between fashion and design, the use of materials and the study of the body. And then, I would
like to underline the friendship between us, Pitti, and Carlo and Sabina Rivetti, a bond that can only grow stronger”.
Gaetano Marzotto_ President of Pitti Immagine and Fondazione Pitti Discovery
Stazione Leopolda _Via Fratelli Rosselli 5 _Florence
The exhibition will be open to the public from 20 June to 7 July 2012
From June 20th to July 1st/ 11.00 am – 07.00 pm
From July 4th to 7th/ 12.00 pm – 11 pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday – Free Entrance

Archivio ’982–’012
A photographed edit of the Stone Island archive
The story of the Italian brand that reinvented sportswear
in a book with over 300 iconographic images of garments from the Stone Island archives.
Stone Island, Archivio ’982–’012, is the title of the book born from the desire to illustrate the story of Stone Island. It is an in-depth
look into the huge archive of the brand that has left an indelible mark on the history of sportswear over the last 30 years.
This archive contains a great deal of the immense wealth of knowledge and experience on which Stone Island is founded. The book is
an opportunity for knowledgeable readers to grasp, in all of its detail, the visionary depth of the unceasing experimentation carried out
over the last three decades; the intrinsic wealth created by the sophisticated dye formulas, the manipulation of the textiles and the
stylistic and functional research of the garments.
A careful selection of 307 iconic garments, from the 20.000 preserved in the archive, are used to recount the story of Stone Island.
From textile inventions, since the very first collection of 1982, created by the anti-conventional creative genius Massimo Osti, (creator
of the brand and creative director until 1995), to garments that symbolise the extreme research of the British designer Paul Harvey,
(who designed the brand’s collections up until 2008), and on to more recent garments which are the fruits of a multicultural group of
designers and art directors united under the creative direction of Carlo Rivetti, (the visionary entrepreneur who has headed up the
brand since 1983).
It is especially thanks to the continuity created by Rivetti that the brand has never lost its DNA or integrity, and continues to follow the
culture of research and experimentation that has always been at its heart and soul, with passion and dedication.
The archive as the protagonist of the book was the editorial decision that led the art directors Simon Foxton and Nick Griffiths to
represent the brand’s history through clean, direct images and purposeful caption-like descriptions.
Avoiding any nostalgic references, the selected garments are worn by 30 young, cosmopolitan and contemporary men giving an up-todate
and positive aesthetic with the goal of defining the history of sportswear in the Stone Island manner.
The result is a gallery of images accompanied by accurate descriptions of each garment, laid out in the clear, concise language of a
dictionary definition, ordered chronologically to give historic value to the evolution of Stone Island over these 30 years.
This hard copy archive is introduced by Carlo Rivetti with an account of his 30 years with Stone Island, followed by a precious
contribution from the Italian sociologist, writer and journalist Francesco Morace, who narrates a precise social analysis that
contextualises the brand within the fashion world of the last three decades.
Published by Silvana Editoriale, the volume will be on sale beginning in September 2012 in the best bookshops, libraries, cultural
foundations and associations, international and Italian institutions and museum bookshops, as well as from Stone Island’s flagship
store and at the brand’s main retailers worldwide.
Stone Island, Archivio ’982–’012 will premiere and will be available to be purchased in Florence at the Stazione Leopolda, on
occasion of the exhibition STONE ISLAND 30, scheduled from the June 20th until July 7th, 2012.
Title: Stone Island, Archivio ’982–’012
Foreword, Carlo Rivetti
Essay, Francesco Morace
Book Conception and Art Direction, Simon Foxton and Nick Griffiths (&SON)
Photography, Nick Griffiths
Styling, Simon Foxton
Design, Rory McCartney Studio
Trilingual edition, Italian – English – French
Publisher, Silvana Editoriale
EAN 97888-3662381-5
Printed in Italy in May 2012 by Artigrafiche Amilcare Pizzi
© Stone Island, Sportswear Company S.p.A – Silv