We bring you the new campaign for “STERONE SWIMWEAR – SUMMER 2010″ – Shoot by our friend the amazing photographer Justin Monroe. Look him up at – http://www.justinmonroe.com/
That’s the first campaign for Sterone Swimwear, designed by Jeremy Mike. The company recently launched it’s website – http://www.steronewear.com
They shoot the campaign in Palm Spring, California, with models Dionisio Heiderscheid and Jessica Jourdan.

About the designer:
Jeremy Mike, was born in south France on 1982. He is the creator of the Sterone brand based in France. After graduating from the French Fashion and Design School, he moved to Japan to study Japanese fashion and traditional garment. Later he came back to Paris to work for the fashion industry. The French capital’s weather wasn’t sunny and warm enough for Latino Jeremy, so he left everything to work as a costume designer on cruise ships. There he was able to travel the beaches all over the world, which inspired him to create something new and unique: A swimwear line that is sexy and comfortable for all men. This led him to come back to France to create the line and the Sterone company. He was Influenced by pop culture and looked for the perfect photographer who has the same vision of beauty… he found Justin Monroe. The 2010 campaign was shot in Palm Springs.

The spirit of the line in 3 words is: wet, hot, sex… just like summer…

We asked Justin Monroe, How did he got to work with “Sterone Swimwear”?
I was contacted by Jeremy Marro to do his first editorial swimwear campaign to be shot here in Palm Springs, California. I was very excited to embark on this project because he was using two of my favorite models, Dionisio Heiderscheid and Jessica Jourdan. I knew working with these two exceptional models, my job would be super easy. I have worked with both Jessica and D.O. in the past, and had an amazing chemistry with both of them. I felt an extreme amount of pressure because this was Jeremy’s very first campaign and I knew the world would be looking at it with critical eyes. On the day of the shoot, it was about 104 degrees, and we were in the desert. Not the most comfortable situation for shooting, but it was perfect for the look of the final project. Jeremy is a new designer, but very specific with his vision. He knew what he wanted to relay with his campaign and made it very easy to achieve this for him. The most intriguing thing about the line for me is it’s racy, vibrant and fun design. For Pete’s sake, Jeremy doesn’t seem to have to limits. He puts the Virgin Mary right on the butt of the swimsuit. This takes balls. I think that’s why Justin Monroe and Sterone Swimwear are a good match.

So here it is, enjoy the hot summer days.


The behind the scene of the campain:
For more information, please visit www.steronewear.com where all swimwear’s are available.