Our Song Of The Day pick is a brilliant cover for Lana Del Rey Video Games By the Israeli duo
Ivri Lider & Johnny Goldstein A.K.A The Young Professionals

It’s (almost) useless to present Lana Del Rey. Her first album “Born To Die”, due for Jan 30th, is foreseen as one of the biggest record of 2012. The enthusiasm on this young artist is something you can feel in Israel and our due from Tel Aviv, as many others, got a crush once they heard “Video Games” for the first time. “I was driving my car when I discovered the song” precise Ivri Lider. “On top of its quality and fresh appeal, I immediately get in mind what this song could have sounded if we would have written it. It was so clear in my head we decided to cover it, in a TYP way”.

Even if the covers from Lana Del Rey come by hundred on internet, this version made by The Young Professionals is certainly one of the most original and properly made, a total match in between Hollywood glamour and electro vintage. Check out right now an extract from the song via YouTube and found out the full length version as an exclusive, in streaming on www.facebook.com/typband from Jan 30th.

There you go… Enjoy!

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