Our pick of the day comes from TYP, They are a new band / Collaboration from our homeland, Israel.

TYP ( The Young Professionals ) is a new collaboration between the artists Ivri Lider, Yonatan Glodstein, Gil Noy, Roe Shani and together they are creating a new sound of Alternative/Pop music, a fresh mix of 80’s sound and a modern touch of electronics. We love it!

About the band:
“We are The Young Professionals. We create something new, always based on something old. Through sound, words, visuals and materials, we try to communicate, with you, with others, with ourselves. TYP tries to define a new kind of a band, with music as it’s main passion, alongside other talented artists in various fields – Net Art, Design, Video and more. Our music is composed and produced by Ivri Lider and Yonathan Goldshtein who began creating TYP’s music in their Tel Aviv studio in 2010. Together, a special new project has been conceived that is different from what each of them is doing separately Filled with passion, the band members are trying to push their creativity to a higher level and revolutionize artistic conceptions.”

TYP’s (The Young Professionals) first single D.I.S.C.O was created on summer 2011, and contains a sample of Ottawan’s 80’s anthem D.I.S.C.O . the song will also be released in the Warner Brothers 2011 summer dance compilation.

D.I.S.C.O is also available on a limited edition 12″ Vinyl. Autographed by the artists, the vinyl contains also the song P.O.P, as a special bonus


Director: Guy Sagy
Photographer: Ofir Kedmi
Art: Yossi Tsruia
Styling: Reuven Cohen
Production: Tifferet Films

Make sure to follow them on the following links:
Home page: http://www.typband.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TYP/119680941425581
Twitter: http://twitter.com/typband

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There you go: TYP – D.I.S.C.O