Reading YUNA YANG’s product line description before attending the show, I thought it was a mighty big feat.  Potentially creating a situation for the design house where they have bitten off more than they can chew?  The potentiality for combining two completely different, juxtaposed subject matters seemed absurd..and yet..

YUNA YANG Spring/Summer collection was a hit in this Trend Writers opinion.  The line was titled “1920’s shapes meet modern art” as it was inspired by three contemporary artists:  Hong Seung Hye from Korea, Richard Artschwager from the USA and Karl Haendel also from the United States.  The design house notes that the artists extend definition of various commodities from their daily life and they used elements and materials in order to create innovative images.  They note that this is what they wanted to achieve with their line, while maintaining the femininity of the 1920’s female shape.

In this collection, Yuna Yang consists with her own style:  feminine, sophisticate with a modern touch and furthermoregoes on to include inspiration from the artists.  The designers used the concept of color contrast to demonstrate both the lightness and darkness in space with vivid colors, coral, dusty pink, mint and sky blue.  Geometric shapes were implemented with delicate lace over vinyl and also makes crepes to increase perception.  The overall concept of the designs was to conjure up a fresh and lively feeling for the Spring/Summer atmosphere.  From the runway show, let me tell you, this is executed so well that if you were sitting in the front row, you’d be showing signs of hay fever.

More to come.

Christopher Klimovski