Not to sound like a paperboy from the early twenties, but EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!  BIG news exploding out of Jeremy Scott’s genius creative loins.  His new collection fro SS’ 2014 collection is a collaboration with artist Kenny Scharf.

Jeremy Scott will be showing prints in his upcoming Spring / Summer ’14 collection, titled “Teenagers from Mars”, which he worked on in collaboration with celebrated artist Kenny Scharf. Additionally, there will be a hand screen-printed collage group using Kenny’s iconic characters.

“Ever since I first saw his collection of Jetsonesque designs, I immediately felt that we would be a great match.  Then when I saw what he did with the Keith Haring I thought, wow this is the best thing that I’ve seen since Keith was alive and doing it himself. Naturally, I jumped at this chance! Jeremy is the first person that I ever let take my art and do whatever he wants. I wasn’t nervous about it not being the greatest most fun thing and I wasn’t let down for one second – thank you Jeremy!”


About Kenny Scharf:

Kenny Scharf was born in 1958 Hollywood, California and rose to prominence alongside his friends and contemporaries in the 1980s, most notably, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.  Scharf was a pioneer among artists who integrated street culture into the contemporary art mainstream, incorporating pop and comic imagery in his sculptures, installations and paintings. his love of popular culture recalls his life-long fascination with television and his early exposure to the medium as a child. Scharf lived and worked in New York City as a young artist, gear to merge the high and lowbrow, the fantastic and the imaginary. Scharf ultimately established himself as a master of iconic imagery within the field of contemporary art.  Scharf lives and works in both LA and NYC.

More to come.

Christopher Klimovski