Babies and pizza and Jeremy Scott, oh my!  As a self proclaimed lover of pizza and comic books in his childhood, Scott knew one thing:  that he wanted to be a world famous fashion designer.  It is only now, in his new collaboration with Cybex and his success in the fashion world cemented, that he is able to return to his childhood loves.  In a collection that is aimed at the infant market, Scott has re-imagined his favourite foods from his youth, has redrawn them into colorful and cute animations and has thrown the design at strollers, car seats and carriers.  The result is animated genius.

On August 22nd, VFILES held an event on Mercer St in SoHo in order to show these soon to be ‘must have for mama’ items.  Upon walking into the space, I was met with a collaboration of young and old.  No, I don’t mean to describe the crowd (although this is a perfect representation of them, as the crowd’s diversity ranged from senior gentlemen to little toddlers), the young and old describes the motif of the layout.  There were champagne and raspberry cups circulating around the bar along with colorful and well-decorated rice crispy treats.  It was the perfect amalgamation of design and layout, much like the Cybex collection.

pram full


An extremely fashion forward crowd was in attendance, all dressed impeccably.  The youth-driven masses in attendance did so without children by their side however that’s the beauty behind the Scott collaboration.  It is something that can be viewed and appreciated by anybody, regardless of whether people intended to buy it or whether they were simply there to marvel at these feuding cartoon creations.  Every detail about the product has been well thought out, even down to its name.  The collection is dubbed ‘Food Fight’ as the feeding of a child usually pays homage to this activity.  In addition to that clever idea, each food character has a different element of fighting about it.  The French fries are wielding French fry swords, the hamburgers have boxing gloves and the like. Food using food to fight with food.  Jeremy-nception by design.


The bold colors and quirky design are what the masses have come to expect of Scott and his creations.  Scott notes that design is like water and is able to fill any creative body and change forms in a free flowing and easy way.  His inspiration for the line came from b-grade 80’s movies where a school cafeteria scene would usually end up in a food fight.  Scott says that there is no such thing as a fashion faux pas and he believes that this design is simply put out there to make people happy.  He notes:  “I would think that the best thing to do is to have something that makes you happy, that’s what I tried to do with this create something that has a child like quality but there is also humour that only an adult can get.”

Party inside

The universal appeal of this new collaboration is evident and can best be exemplified by two things that happened as I was leaving the showing:

  1. I saw a toddler staring at the stroller and seemed completely enamoured by the quirky characters, and
  2. I made a bee-line towards a hot dog truck.

Scott’s collaboration with Cybex is a success because of its solid structure and design, but also because he knows how to think outside the [take-out] box.

Christopher Klimovski