Today we are bringing you pop artist / model sensational Isaiah Grass.

When people experience some of those lifetime changing unexpected moments, they either crash or crumble under the pressure. Isaiah certainly does not belong in any of those categories. Over the years, Isaiah had explored into what most guys his age only dream of. He has captivated those from many facets of entertainment and revealed incredible potential to make his mark in not only music but modeling as well. He has also left a positive influence and inspiration to those who know him.
Isaiah Grass – P H E R O M O N E S – Official video teaser

Isaiah Grass (born in North Carolina in 1990) is an American Pop Singer & Song Writer whom is quickly gaining recognition in the music industry as “the one to watch”. At the early age of seven, Isaiah moved to Aiken, South Carolina due to his father’s employment in the United States Marine Corps, where his passion for music led him to sing in the church choir.

Over the years, Isaiah had entered into what most guys his age only dream of. He has captivated those from many facets of entertainment and revealed incredible potential to make his mark in not only music and modeling, but also as a positive influence and inspiration to those who follow.

Since elementary school, he has had a voice that has caught the attention of many. Singing with great potential, soul and purity of sound, he has been performing in front of audiences since the age of 7.

Isaiah has been inspired and influenced by an array of genres and he carries a deep respect for pop, country, R&B, as well as rock and classical music.

Breaking barriers and encouraging himself in the fashion industry is just one of the many goals he was determined to accomplish throughout his career. Since the day he made a commitment to modeling, he has worked with some of the most prestigious industry insiders in the modeling industry.

Although Isaiah was writing poetry and lyrics at an early age, he wrote his first professional song at age seventeen. Isaiah’s music speaks out in many ways, of his own personal experiences, and of people that he knows. His inspiration comes from a different array of genres, and the melodies for all of his songs are created by himself.

In 2008 he was enrolled in a Performing Arts Academy where he graduated from in 2009. Following his graduation, he was scouted online by a few modeling agencies in New York and he was asked to move there. Possessing good looks and poise, he was always encouraged to pursue a career in modeling.

He became a high fashion model when he moved to New York City in 2009. From that day on, he has been working as a model with a strong emphasis in his singing profession.

Isaiah was discovered in the summer of 2010 by LEDOM Management Group who happened to come across Grass pictures in Facebook. By late 2010, LEDOM Group became his managing company as a model and during late 2011 – LEDOM Enterprises signed him as a singer.

His debut single, “I’m a Freak”, was released worldwide on 01/11/11, becoming an internet hit with nearly 100,000 views in less than a month through his website. His second and third singles were acoustic songs with also a remarkable acceptance from his fans.

Currently, Isaiah Grass is working on the launching of his album. At the moment, Grass counts with over 25 songs written by him. His complete album is scheduled to be finished in January, 2012.

In only 11 months, Isaiah has released 7 singles, a music video and his new E.P. – Special Edition – was recently launched in local stores in the Chicago area.

On July 20, 2011 he performed at The Mid Chicago as a contestant in the North Coast Music Festival, one of the largest music festivals in the Midwest, in which he finished as the Winner of the online contest with 479 Votes ahead of the competition.

On September 2, Isaiah was invited to be interviewed on Fearless Radio, an Independent radio station which plays the Best Independent and Fearless music from around the world.

On September 7, 2012 he was booked to perform at the Subterranean Chicago as the Headliner with two supporting acts from well-known band such “The Heights” and “Tha Next Chapter”.

He has recently finish his largest event at the Pineapple Fest in Jensen Beach, Florida with a 3 day performance on November 4 to the 6th.

All of these accomplishments compliment his vision for a path he cannot only call his own, but one that will stand out amongst many young people involved in the industry today.

When asked about the future of his career, he gives a confident outlook on what he truly feels he has the ability to achieve; a music career working with the most talented and respected artists, a modeling career that breaks down barriers and inspires all to love themselves for who they are, and a Model Management company that will stand out in the industry for its integrity, prestige, and its ability to make countless dreams come true.

With this approach, his perseverance, dedication, commitment and discipline in the entertainment industry, for Isaiah, the sky is the limit and we are certain that he will achieve all of his goals and ambitions in a very short period of time.

Q & A with Isaiah Grass:


I was born in North Carolina almost 21 years ago. I am considered as an American pop singer. At the

age of seven I moved with my family to a small town in South Carolina called Aiken due to my father’s

job in the Marines.

My interest in music began at childhood. At the age of 7 I started singing in my church choir, where it

didn’t take long to be noticed by my “unusual powerful vocal range” according to my teachers and

from that moment on I began to sing at charity events, school assemblies, talent competitions and

many other venues. I actually wrote my first professional song at the age of 17. However, I have been writing poetry and lyrics since childhood


My parents always encouraged me to believe in myself. In 2008, they enrolled me in a performing arts school for theatre & music. I was involved with choir at school and I always worked one-on-one with the teachers after school, I enjoyed learning more. I am very lucky to have parents that always support me regardless of whatever I decide to take on.

When I was 6 years old I got accepted into a gifted children program called GATEWAY. When I was 16 I made it to the 3rd round of a well-known National Singing Competition. Also I got asked to sing the National Anthem at a Step-Up competition when I was 17.


Actually I didn’t choose to have a music career, I got scouted by a few modeling agencies and the one I signed with discovered I could sing… I was actually on my way to Milan in 2010 but I got sick and I missed out. While waiting for the next season I got bored one day and wrote some words “I’m a freak don’t you know I love to lose control”. I started getting really inspired and I told my agency I wanted to sing to kill time until the season started again. So I guess I just started because I was waiting.


Music to me is inspiration and the universal language that speaks to massive multitudes.


I really don’t have musical inspiration but artist that I like would be Eminem, Katy Perry. Michael Buble, Black Eyed Peas, & Lady Gaga. If I was given the opportunity to perform anywhere it would be 2 places. The first is performing at half time during the Super Bowl, & the other is performing at the James Brown Arena in my hometown Aiken, SC.

We love the music and see a bright future to Isaiah Grass.

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