Special Edition Nike Dunk Designed by Haroshi
Haroshi creates special edition of a skateboarding inspired Nike Dunk, initially created from the used skateboards of Nike’s SB team. Haroshi is known for creating 3D sculptures of old skateboard decks, Haroshi taled more about his special edition Nike on his personal blog, Here is what Haroshi said about his special project design for Nike and Photos of the new Nike Dunk shoes.

haroshi x DUNK SB

To set the record straight, The Dunk, was built from the actual used skateboards from NIKE’s pro riders (P-ROD, LANCE MOUNTAIN, ERIC KOSTON, CORY KENNEDY, JUSTIN BROCK, BRIAN ANDERSON, DARYL ANGEL, DANIEL SHIMIZU, ELISSA STEAMER, CHET CHILDRESS, GRANT TAYLOR, HUNTER MURAIRA), as well as my own.

The right-foot Dunk was modeled after my own worn pair. I ride in regular-stance, and had tried to the best of my abiity to faithfully replicate every little detail of the well-worn sneaker. Because I truly believe that a sneaker like Dunk SB should not merely be collected as a fashion accessory, it deserves to be used, and should be worn down by the skateboarder.

Up close, you can see the detailing in its creased upper, the crimps at the stitched edges of the NIKE Swish, as well as a knot casually tied up the cut-broken laces. In whichever way, the abuses should look amazingly real as if the sculpted sneaker was skated-in by a street skateboarder. This intended worn look of The Dunk should resonate with all skateboarders, as all of you can immediately identify with its path into degeneration.

The hidden humor of “kick X kick” came from the fact that the kick of the deck, the shape of it, for some amazing reasons, matches perfectly to the outsole of The Dunk. Another hidden message “sole in soul” , is only revealed when placing The Dunk under X-ray scanning. By coincident, this parallels the recent NIKE commercial, a NIKE Swish will be visible. Furthermore, the insole, medial, namely the whole inner parts of The Dunk was meticulously sculpted even though it is not readily visible.

For all of you skateboarders out there who wears your sneakers days in and out, and perhaps loves it just as much as your sport. And for those NIKE Pro riders who are constantly challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries in our skate world. And last but not least, to Mark Parker, the coolest CEO of NIKE, who privileged me with this wonderful creative opportunity.

The Dunk is made with all of you in mind!

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