The Andrew Christian boys are at it again! Watch as they strip down to their Show-It Ace Low Profile Boxers and finger paint each other to Kat Graham’s new hit song, “Put Your Graffiti On Me.”

Just when you thought the videos could not get any more erotic, this one paints a new fantasy that will leave you dreaming of muscles and paint dripping. The video begins with a group of boys in an art studio, waiting for the nude male model (Brandon Wertz) to show up and drop his robe. Once the robe hits the ground you can see the lust in all of their eyes. The instigator of the group (Jose Valdivia) cannot help himself and he is the first to go up to Brandon for a closer look. As Kat Graham sings “Put Your Grifitti On Me,” Jose takes his chances and starts to finger paint Brandon’s chest. Of course it is only a matter of time before the two best friends (fan favorites Steven Dehler and Quinn Jaxon) and new AC model Johnathan Myers join in the fun. Jose notices that one of the guys (Marcel Cruz) is being shy, so he goes over to lure him into the action.

As they playfully paint each other’s bodies the heat index reaches a whole new level. Body paint drips off of their gorgeous bodies as they give each other a rub down that will have all of you begging “Put Your Graffiti On Me.”

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