The Native Son Spring / Summer 2011 fashion show at New York Fashion week was interesting.

The inspiration was β€œthe danger of the past was that man became slaves. The danger of the future is that man may become robots.” – Enrich Fromm

The show started with a cool video of the model showing the Native Son spring/summer fashion collection depicts the greatest fears of the past and the future: a world without war. A world without humanity. The collection springs from a foundational menswear palette; embodying fabric and fits with a sense of what once was and what is to come.

There is no doubt that Native Son knows how to create good men suits.  There is no doubt that the clothes fit was perfect, the styling was unique and the models were professional and the casting was right. But and there is a big BUT we felt like we are back to the Nazi style in World War 2, and it was a bit awkward. Maybe because we are Jewish we are more sensitive to it but the designer of Native Son made us feel uncomfortable.

You can see the collection at: opening ceremony (new York, los angeles), fred segal man (santa monica), confederacy (los angeles) and online –

Back Stage – of The Native Son Spring / Summer 2011 fashion show
Roy Fire