Today we introduce to you model, singer & song writer Taylor Matthews.

Taylor Matthews get right into the country style genre and he is doing a really good job.
Taylor Matthews from El Paso, TX , write his original own music, Taylor said: “Writing music is a passion and a hobby of mine and will hopefully be able to pursue the streets of Nashville”.

‘I would love to get to the point where I could sell my music to actual musicians and vocalist! Please keep in mind when listening to my music that I am one man with an acoustic guitar and a $300 dollar recording program… I do not have the tools, money or the talent to make my stuff sound studio quality… But as you listen please envision one of your favorite performers with all the tools, money and talent singing my songs… that my friend is how I envision my stuff being performed! I hope that my music may touch some sort emotion inside you and that you enjoy the words that I write!”

Please take a moment and listen to Taylor Matthews music and support the artist.
we love the lyrics and the songs sounds pretty awesome! we are sure we will be hearing more from Taylor in the upcoming days.

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Enjoy the music!