Today we are bringing you a fashion editorial on a video from our recent fashion shoot with the most talked about Brazilians twins models Marcos & Marcio Patriota @ Q models.
The video was shoot by photographer Mauricio A. Rodriguez on set and today we are showing you part one of the beautiful creation.
RAM IMAGERY is a photography brand that was created by Mauricio A. Rodriguez, with the intention of capturing the beauty and nature of the true human being. As we move away from the highly re-touched industry we begin to enter an era where the true-self of any celebrity and people are what the industry and us, aspire for.
BAlTIZAR is a creative artist highly inspired by music and visual expressions which are very well achieved in his editig skills, photography and music taste.
Now we are ready to take photography to a new level, The moving image.
RAM IMAGERY and BALTIZAR have joined forces and have created RIB7productions, where each of our aesthetics and views can be well translated in our videos. Both, as Video Directors and Editors, we are creating videos that leave the viewer wanting more.
We are launching our RIB7Productions Youtube channel with Marco and Marcio Patriota on set with photographer Thomas Synnamon, stylist Roy Fire, Hair & Make-up by Elissa Ruminer
Stay tuned for more parts coming soon and full editorial in Dorian magazine coming out in March. Enjoy!
Models Marcos & Marcio Patriota By RAM IMAGERY & Baltizar Productions
RAM IMAGERY & BALTIZAR Productions Present :
Marcos & Marcio Patriota



On a Thomas Synnamon photo shoot

Styled by :
Roy Fire

Hair & Make-Up by:
Elissa Ruminer

Special thanks to Q Management Inc.

Featured Music:
Flesh by Simon Curtis