This week, Aug 3rd, is the official day that Macy’s launch the new clothing line “Material Girl” design by the one and the only Madonna. the line promises to get you girls back to the funky style of the 80’s. witch if so it’s going to be great. there is nothing better then the 80’s in our eyes. 80’s was the best years.
For the new campaign they choose Taylor Momsen from, “Gossip Girl” to be the face of the new line and they release the new ad campaign photo. here is the new first photo of the campaign:

and some of the behind the scene of the photo shoot when Madonna and her little girl Lola is in charge of direction.. witch is really funny to see how this big star is dealing with the same stuff that Tal & me are dealing on a regular basics… HaHa..
that’s so funny, I wonder if she needed to grab all the heavy bags to the sat like we needs to every shooting day… I guess not when you are the Lady M. take a little look of the back stage photos where Madonna is working hard as a fashion stylist

You can see the fashion Inspiration in her new video:

The Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna Die