So, the Oscars are over, and the show was great. Every year the after parties of the Oscar are the most talked about parties in town, and everybody is trying to get in, it’s where everyone get loose and have fun. There are two major after parties witch are the governor ball and the big party of Vanity Fair. This year Madonna and her manager Guy Oseary made there second time in a row after party in Guy Oseary house in LA. Madonna who host the event brought her daughter Lola as well to mingle with the who’s and who’s of Hollywood. Madonna and Lola were all happy for there big night, Lola looked great, she is becoming a fashionista These days, but What happened to the Lady??? She looks great but the outfit? OMG!
We think someone is in desperate needs of a stylist! give us a call girl, we would be happy to help out.
Here are the photos from the red carpet, you be the judge.