Korto Momolu’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Fashion Platform
Celebrates Future Chic Amidst Modern Times
February 12, 2012 – New York, NY – The iconic New York City art deco fashion hotel, Bryant
Park Hotel celebrates New York Fashion Week by presenting womenswear designer, Korto
Momolu’s collection entitled “Monaco”. The 14 piece collection will showcase Monday,
February 13th, from 3pm – 5pm at Bryant Park Hotel’s own Cellar Bar. Music will be
provided by Man vs. Machine’s own Charles Browne and International YouTube and iTunes
Sensation Jessica Latshaw will perform “Ain’t My Friend”. An assortment of custom drinks will
be served courtesy of Patron Tequila.
Expanding on the designer’s vision of femininity, elegance and futurism, this Autumn/Winter
2012 season draws inspiration from starlets, fashion icons, and jetsetters whose wardrobe would
include glamorous evening gowns, stylish jumpsuits, warm yet sophisticated sweaters, and day
dresses in opulent silks. Korto’s pieces will allow any woman, of all sizes, to feel comfortable,
sophisticated, sensual and feminine.
Grace Kelly & Bridget Bardot epitomize the chic quality of Monaco and encompass the theme
of this season’s inspiration. Today’s Jetset can be found in this collection whilst scooting down
the smallest of side streets a top Evolve Motorcycles. Evolve, one of the official sponsors for this
season is an extension of Korto’s vision of the future in modern times with a nod to eco-friendly
living. Evolve means 100% Electric; the vehicles themselves explore a new technology that
allows for no gas, no oil, and no emissions that are harmful to the planet. Evolve vehicles will be
displayed in the space alongside the models and will be available for preview and inquiries.
In honor of this special occasion Korto has organized an amazing cast including celebrity stylist
Misa Hylton, jewelry designer Simone I. Smith (wife of LL COOL J), lead Makeup Sponsor
Lamik Beauty, hair team Salon DNA, and Fashion Art Gallery for press and production.
During the presentation Germany’s Next Top Model hosted by Heidi Klum will be recording
their final episodes and contestants from the show will be presented as models.
Korto Momolu invites all guests to tweet her at: @KortoMomolu or #KortoAW12

Korto Momolu (pronounced Cut • Toe – Mo • Mo • Lu) recently, recognized by The Grio’s 100 as One to
Watch is a fashion designer originally born in Monrovia, Liberia who was raised in Canada after Liberia’s
civil war. Korto’s rise to fashion stardom came with her participation on Bravo TV’s Project Runway
Season 5; in which she was named Fan Favorite and Runner Up. Korto Momolu presently sales her
creations both wardrobe and line of accessory pieces via her website www.KortoMomolu.com
About Bryant Park Hotel – Cellar Bar
Bryant Park Hotel – Cellar Bar has emerged since its 2001 opening as a nexus for young Hollywood,
fashion culturati, and cosmopolitans, both native and transient, thrusting it into a limelight reserve only for
a selected few. Bryant Park Hotel is located on 40 West 40th Street, Manhattan, NY. For more information
go to www.bryantparkhotel.com
About Simone I. Smith
Simone I. Smith is a woman of strength, integrity and style… traits upon which she’s relied to keep herself
grounded as she’s traveled along her journey. With the launch of her signature jewelry collection – Simone
I. Smith –is poised to transform her life-long affection for accessories into a thriving enterprise, one pair of
dangling earrings at a time. For more information go to www.simoneismith.com
About Lamik Beauty
Lamik Beauty is the first eco-chic makeup brand, including facial care and eyelashes. Lamik gives makeup
a new purpose, women, a new zeal for applying it, and a healthy platform for its existence. Lamik is sold in
several Macy’s locations nationwide and for further inquiries visit www.lamik-beauty.com
About Evolve
Evolve is dedicated to redefining urban transportation through designing, manufacturing, and distributing
efficient, powerful, and aesthetically inspiring electric vehicles. Evolve is inspired by a culture fueled by an
obsession for the arts, music, fashion and technology. Evolve is proudly manufactured in the United States.
For more information go to www.evolvemotorcyles.com
About Fashion Art Gallery
Fashion Art Gallery is an interactive consulting agency using web technology to showcase and promote
fashion, design, and the newest artists online. Korto Momolu is a client of Fashion Art Gallery, also known
as FAAG.