Bernardo Rojo for Joseph Abboud SS 2013 Fashion Show
Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 5pm

The Celeste Bartos Forum, New York Public Library, 455 Fifth Avenue (entrance on 42nd between 5th and 6th Avenues)

“It’s about looking back to the old glamour of American style and modernizing it. Taking inspiration from yesterday’s icons but bringing something completely new. I believe that design is a mode of expressing individuality, not suppressing it…and this collection leaves room for tomorrow’s icons to be made.” –Bernardo Rojo

This spring, fall’s restless mood gives way to a definitive new attitude. This is a time for doing. Deciding. A moment that belongs to the doers, dreams and disobeyers—the men who take matters into their own hands.

For S/S 2013, Creative Director Bernardo Rojo takes a cue from some of Hollywood’s most iconic rebels to craft a collection that channels the effortless confidence and stoicism of leading men then and now—rule breakers that redefined the hero, in films from the timeless Rebel Without a Cause to today’s Drive. A bold color palette and 80’s-inspired volume add a dash of modern audacity to classic menswear pieces—contrasted by 50’s era innocence, provided by high-waisted pleated trousers, candy-striped Western shirts, and trucker jackets. Pairing irreverent pops of gloss with relaxed American sportswear staples, the collection brings together grit and glamour in an unmistakable homage to L.A.

The walls are coming down—and it’s the rule breakers that will reign supreme. Individuals of style and substance who refuse to conform. This is a season for making a statement.

Celebrity attending :

Kellan Lutz, “Tarzan” and Twilight series

Ryan Lochte, U.S. Olympic Swimmer

Hunter Parrish, “Weeds”

Daniel Gillies, “Broken Kingdom” and “Vampire Diaries”

Alexander Ludwig, “The Hunger Games”

Frank Grillo, “Disconnect”

Brad Richards, New York Rangers

Backstage photos:

About our Creative Director, Bernardo Rojo

Fashion Designer Bernardo Rojo was born in Madrid, where he started his career at the Madrid School of Design. After a 5-year tenure at Dunhill in London, where he designed tailored clothing, Bernardo Rojo moved to the United States and in 2003 to joined at Phillips-Van Heusen for Michael Kors . He was hired at Joseph Abboud in 2005 to serve as the design director for tailored clothing. In 2010, Bernardo Rojo was named the creative director at Joseph Abboud. This is Bernardo’s second season presenting at New York Fashion Week. Bernardo Rojo defines the brand’s authentic point of view. We use this to our advantage. As we are a small, nibble company – Bernardo is closer to the “streets/ community” than most designers in his position. His evolving inspiration for the brand embraces the point of view of the new American man.

The man Joseph Abboud left the company in 2005.


Joseph Abboud® is a modern, sophisticated menswear and lifestyle destination embracing a redefined and authentic point-of-view that speaks to the new American man. With tailored clothing expertly crafted in the United States with the finest fabrics, Joseph Abboud® epitomizes innovative design, superior fit and a distinct style, thoughtfully outfitting men through for every facet of their life. Applying a designer eye to an artful masculinity, Joseph Abboud® is the ultimate source for foundation pieces, accentuated by on-trend details. The Company has seamlessly evolved from suiting and sportswear to encompass a wide array of product offerings that enrich every aspect of a man’s life, including accessories, luggage, footwear, eyewear and home furnishings. JA Apparel Corp® brand names include Joseph Abboud®, JOE Joseph Abboud®, Joseph Abboud BOYS® and Joseph Abboud Home®. Joseph Abboud® branded products are available in fine department stores and specialty stores throughout the United States, and more than fifty countries worldwide.

The Joseph Abboud rebranding launched in Fall 2011 with the ground breaking advertising campaign; “Made in the New America.” The campaign redefines traditional “Buy American” messaging by focusing on the artistry of American tailoring and craftsmanship while embracing the new American man. As Joseph Abboud supports and focuses on “Buy American”, the campaign also supports the new generation of the American Man and applauds personal style and individualism. We introduce an era of artful masculinity while embracing great style and greater substance. An era where originals stand out and telling their story of success.