John Bartlett Fall / Winter 2012 / 2013 New York Fashion Week

Fall 2012, is a “future-rustic” collection that embraces the sense of outdoor life, and draws inspiration from many diverse works – from “lord of the flies” to “the life aquatic with steve zissou”.

Through my experiences as a fashion designer, animal rights activist and recent vegan – I have always envisioned creating an “eco-luxe” collection that is entirely earth-friendly and cruelty free. Winning the Lexus/CFDA eco-fashion award allowed me to realize my dream. The materials that I have used include organic cottons, recycled microfibers = even upcycled vintage blankets. Construction of the collection was done almost entirely in the united states, allowing me to leave as small a footprint as possible, while making what I believe is a big impact.

I want to thank so many friends and loved ones for helping me make this dream a reality. Toray Ultrasuede has been an incredible ally – allowing me access to Ultrasuede Ambience – an amazing suede-like product made entirely from recycled microfiber. I was able to use this eco-friendly material in many pieces in this collection. Thank you Schott for collaborating with me and allowing me the opportunity to adapt your timeless leather jackets in materials more fitting for my aesthetic, yet still remaining ruggedly, unmistakably Schott. Thank you Hudson Bay for your rich history and heirloom quality blankets which I have collected throughout my time on this earth. While I do not advocate the use of any new wool or animal byproducts – through upcycling these vintage blankets I was able to create many of the organic shapes in this collection, that speak both to the outdoors as well as to the geometry of nature.

I believe that sustainability is sexy and that we can create a new generation of very exciting, durable, eco-luxe products without hurting the earth and its inhabitants. Thank you Lexus for this exciting opportunity to explore what it means to be eco-aware.

Photo Credit: Greg Vaughan