Well as we promised, we are going to introduce you to people from the industry, make it more personal behind the characters in the photos. we are going show you the fun, beauty & the ugly true of what people deal on the day to day basics of the show biz world. we going to talk with models, photographers, designers, celebs, crew people and more… so let’s start!

The first one is a beautiful Model friend Monica Wehlan (Sybille Sasse Agency), she grew up in Montreal Canada, she traveling the world, loves her life, Loves being a fashion model and her new calling these days is Photography, she wants to become a big photographer one day, and by seeing some of her photography work, im sure she will get there and make her mark. she find it’s funny that the world thinks she looks like Shakira, and she gets stopped on the streets all the time.. LOL, She is coming back to New York for Fashion Week in September, so stay tune for a big updated from her… we going to rock this town!

we asked her a few questions to let you all know a little more about Monica… and here it is:

1. How did you become a model, and what was your first break?
In high school, I was always very skinny…almost too skinny. I actually got made fun of. I was skinny and lanky and well I never really got any of the guys to like me. As soon as I went to college, I had a lot of friends telling me I should be a model. My mother’s friend who worked at a huge lingerie company in Montreal asked me to be in their next photo shoot where I was all over their web site in lingerie and swimwear. After this I decided to try and be part of a modeling agency. I did not have the typical model look because my market was more commercial. I got accepted by two agencies who I am still with; Sybille Sasse Agency and Orange Model Management. I was in NYC last September for Fashion week where I got to be in the runway show for designer Viktor Luna. I think his line is incredible and he will become a huge and successful designer. I’ve also got to work with NYC celebrity photographer/artist David Drebin. We really worked well together and I loved the shots he took of me.

2. How do you keep fit, what is your training routine and menu?
Luckily I have a fast metabolism. I could eat all I want and won’t gain any weight. For many years I went to the gym , I even had a personal trainer however it’s been almost a year I don’t work out as much. I do practice yoga and Moksha yoga at times. I find this is the best training for a model.

3. How do you define your style and what your favorite store to shop?
My style is very relaxed. I love wearing A&F and Hollister. The California look! Since I am a blonde with blue eyes I find I suit it well. If I go out on a Sat night, I will most definitely wear my tallest high heals and a designer black dress.

4. What are your hobbies?
Hockey hockey hockey. Being Canadian I just love watching my hockey. I got to meet so many players including my favorite NHL player Eric Staal when I was in Raleigh North Carolina for work. That was a dream come true! Other then watching hockey, I love yoga, going for long walks by the water, boating with family and friends at my cottage on the lake. I love listening to music and I love photography. I’ve been taking great pictures of animals and nature with my Canon G9. I just love it!

5. What is the one fashion item that you can’t live without?
My Burberry purse from Milan. I am just in love with it.

6. What is your favorite place in New York?
I love Pastis restaurant in the meat packing district. Last time I was there, I sat right next to Keanu Reeves and he introduced himself to me and I just blushed.I also love shopping in SOHO and I just love Time Square. Makes me feel so alive!!!

7. This one is optional: Do you want to share anything with the viewers that nobody knows?
I can be a big nerd and very babyish with my parents.

Here are a few photos from projects Monica appears in:

And here are some of her celebrity friends: Avril Lavigne, Blake McGrath, Celine Dion, Gavin Rossdale, Phillip Bloch & NHL Hockey Players: Eric Staal & Sydney Crosby. Fun Life;-)