Today we introduce you International Fashion Model Michele Graglia from Major Models Management. We seat down with Michele Graglia for an exclusive interview for nyc-fashion blog. here are some basic facts of Michele Graglia journey:

As soon as Michele Graglia turned 24 years old he decided to take a big step in his life and move from his little hometown in Italy to Miami Beach. Living by himself in a big city has been a pretty big challenge for him.

Michele Graglia was born in Sanremo the 30th of August 1983. Sanremo is a small but very well known town in the Italian Riviera (North west coast of Italy), very close to the French border. Michele  attended local schools till he graduated high school and then moved to Genoa to attend one of the most important Law Schools in the country.

Though after 1 year, despite excellent scores, Michele   decided to quit to follow his family business in the Floral industry. Michele have been selling flowers and greens all over the world from California to Japan and traveled to every continent in few years. Michele used to come to Miami for work quite often, and in 2007 year ago the idea of moving to South Florida on his own was getting stronger.

As you can see, Michele Graglia life has always been far from the camera! It all began the day Michele moved to Miami. “It was September 2007, and while walking down Ocean Dr. in South Beach looking for apartments, opportunity struck! That day a heavy rain shower hit the beach and, new to the area, I decided to stop for a soda at Johnny Rockets (between 7th and 8th and Ocean). It was destiny that IRENE MARIE was there, and after few sharp looks at me she stood up her chair and headed towards me introducing herself.

I immediately recognized her from the MTV show “8th & Ocean” that I used to watch back in Italy. I was excited and couldn’t believe she came to talk to me! After a brief chat she invited me upstairs (where the IRENE MARIE MODEL AGENCY was) and I immediately signed a 2 years contract with them!” That is pretty cool story!

“Many people in the past told me I could have been a model although I never gave credit to those words. But that day made me change my mind!”

Many things happened since them. Traveled to Milan couple of times, IRENE MARIE closed down in 2009. I signed up with NEXT right after. After a great season with them I moved to NY where I am currently represented by MAJOR MODEL MANAGEMENT”.

Michele Graglia done it all, from fashion editorials, advertising and runways shows, worked with “W” magazine, Ed Hardy and other big designers. here are some personal questions we asked Michele Graglia .

Q: How did you become a model, and what was your first break?

A: My very first BIG job was the PAPI UNDERWEAR CAMPAIGN in 2008. It came out in many National Magazines and my pictures are still out there at the MACYS stores.

Q: How do you keep fit, what is your training routine and menu?

A: I tend to eat a lot throughout the day but I stay away from junk food and eat only healthy meals, even when it comes down to snacks. My training routine changed a lot throughout the past few years. I   used to hit the gym pretty hard. Since 2009 though I started training for triathlon and of course this has effected a lot my daily routine.

Q: How do you define your style and what your favorite store to shop?

A: I don’t think I can be related to any particular style, I just know I love suits!

Q: What are your main interests & hobbies?

A:I love movies and even if it might sound weird, I have a thirst for outdoors adventures. I live for running!

Q: What is the one fashion item that you can’t live without?

A: My suits!

Q: What is your favorite place in New York?

A: Central Park!

Q: Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

A: Well, I’m good friends with Emil Dostovic, Jean Carlos Santos and Marlon Texteira, so I guess my answer is them.
Armani is probably my first pick!

Q: Which fashion magazines do you like to read?

A: W magazine, VogueI guess…

Q: What’s your fashion mantra?


Q: Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why?

A: For the importance that it had to me, June 09 issue of W magazine with Steven Klein was the most important.
The editorial cover shot with Marlon Texteira and Ginnifer Goodwin is def my favorite!

Q: What is fun and rewarding about modeling?

A: I find modeling extremely entertaining. The feeling you get before a shoot or before walking out on the catwalk
is just amazing. It’s a constant challenge that pushes you to always be the best that you can be!

Q: What do you dislike about modeling?

A: I don’t think modeling really has a down side beside having to deal with a slow season!

Q: What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

A: If you think you have the look, just keep in shape and go for it. It’s important to find the
right representation that suits your type…!

Q: Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers?

A: Steven Klein, Steven Meisel and Richard Phibbs!
One of my favorite photographers I worked with though, is Manny Roman!

Q: What does fashion mean to you?

A: Fashion is a lifestyle, it’s a statement of your personality like many other things in life.
Everyone can choose what they want to be and what better represent themselves.

Q: What distinguishes a good model from a bad one?

A: Nothing really, just a good agent and lots of luck. Oh well, that’s not totally true,
I would say, just having the right look at the right time…

Q: How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?

A: Well, It helped me a lot understanding people and learning how to confront myself among other.
It’s a very challenging world, where you meet thousands of people ready to love you or hate you.
Got to be strong and keep your feet on the ground!

Q: what’s inspire you in life as a person?

A: My family.

Q: what’s the dream project you fantasize to do?

A: As mentioned above I love outdoors adventures and I have quite a few places I want to go to and
many projects I am planning to accomplish soon 😉

Q: thru out your modeling carrier so far what is the best memory you have?

A: In this industry isn’t easy to find friends, especially people you can count on.
Not because there are no good people out there but simply cause everyone is
always traveling from one side of the world to another from season to season so
it’s really hard to establish a true friendship that endures that.
I have been lucky to create quite a few of those relationships and the moments
I cherish are the moments I could spent with good friends!

Q: where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: That’s not an easy question cause I see myself evolving rapidly and most of my
priorities are switching fast lately…so, I’ll give you a call when I make up my mind! 😉

Michele Graglia journey is still continuing and growing strong, with his good positive spirit and down to earth attitude Michele carrier will keep rising up. we will keep following and check in with the new projects Michele has on the horizon, and update on our blog.

Agency represent: Major Models Management New York:

Some personal day to day photos of Michele Graglia