Infinity Ring

Infinity design rings are a rising trend in recent months. Something about the infinity symbol struck a chord in the hearts, minds and fingers of fashionistas around the globe. Maybe it is the NBC show Revenge that sports an infinity sign in its logo and the venom filled heroine Emily Thorne played by the fashion forward Emily VanCamp ( that brought this usually drab Greek mathematical notation from the past into the now and probably the forever.
I have seen Infinity rings all over; on major retailers’ sites and on the fingers of the select few. The options are infinite (pun intended). But I usually look for the unique and the special, and if on-the-way I help a budding young designer with a spectacular product, then that make me even happier.
Silly Shiny is such a young brand, so young that it is seeding on etsy – SillyShiny. SillyShiny is led by Shani Tzach a female designer in her mid 20’s who graduated from Shenkar Design School in Israel specializing in the art of jewelry design and craft. Her Infinity Ring design (infinity-knot-diamond-ring) is approaching 200,000 views which on is a huge crowd. The ring is made of 14k gold. So far, I am told, 90% of orders specified white gold, but it can also be made in yellow or rose gold. The ring is pave set with 47 white diamonds of high quality and clarity, and with brilliance finish. “It requires high craftsmanship to set diamonds in such a curvy shape says” Shani Tzach the designer. “We are lucky to have jeweler from the former Soviet Union who specialize in such unique skill set” she adds. There are about 20 positive feedbacks on the etsy many praise Shani for her great communication skills, fast and reliable shipping and best of all testimonials about the ring and its sparkle.
“We just added two more infinity designs to the store one of them is an engagement ring ( infinity-knot-solitaire-engagement-ring) the other takes the infinity concept to a whole new level (diamond-engagement-ring-18k-gold-total)” says Shani. The engagement ring can be ordered with different stone size and clarity and you should ask for a quote, the option shown on the site states a 0.75 ct SI, and G color stone. “Many don’t know but Israel is a hub for diamond trade and polishing shops and that is good for me, I can get diamonds at a great price and roll the savings to the lucky couple” Says Shani with a coy smile. The price on etsy includes shipping to the lucky customer’s finger; it includes shipping and customs, the customer should not be bogged down with that.
There are other diamond engagement rings in the store, diamond rings, gold rings, knot rings, and even sparkled earrings, pendants, bangles and necklaces with Kabala, superstitious and modern themes. Its fun! make a visit be Silly and Shiny.