The video was shooted in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, starring the beautiful CASPAR OESCHLER.
A study of classical mediterranean beauty based on mythology: the man that became a rock / the rock that became a man.
The story is an epic yet modern journey of a man that raises from the waters, a man created of the elements of nature. When he discovers fire he falls in love and decides to don’t return to water and to be transformed in rock.
This film explores the elements of classical beauty, sun, sand, rocks, fire and water, melted together into masculinity.
A film by Luca Finotti
With Caspar Oeschler
All clothing and accessories by Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2012
Directed by Luca Finotti
Written by Hercules Universal Creative
Creative Direction: Francesco Sourigues & David Vivirido
Music by Harry Escott’s “Shame” remixed by Diego Postigo
Editing by Federico Forlani
Starring: Caspar Oeschler at Sight Management
Hair and Make-up: Maria Martinez
Assistant Director: Marco Crema
Second D.P.: Mauro Poltronieri
Fashion Coordinator: Veronica Alonso Garcia