Today we introduce to you Fashion Model / Actor Tim Bryan from Q Models New York. Tim Bryan Top fashion model here in New York City was born in Leesburg Virginia, he is the youngest of 7 kids (4 sisters and 2 brothers to be exact!). after he came to NYC for a vacation when he was 11 he knew that he was going to live here one day. as he stated: “I told my parents I was going to move here as soon as I graduated from high school”. And he did, big time!.

Tim is a working hard model, featured in Top Fashion Magazine around the world, was seen in Fashion Editorials, Ad Campaigns, working with big fashion brands / designers and walked the runway in New York Fashion Week many times.

We set down with Tim for an exclusive interview for nyc-fashion blog ( ), to let you all know Tim a little more personal and meet the person behind the photos:
So here we go:

Q. How did you become a model, and what was your first break?
A: I met a scout when I was in the 10th grade. I wanted to finish high school so we kept in touch. Once I had graduated I took a weekend trip to NYC and met with Ford Models and went home with a contract! One of my first modeling jobs was a campaign for Abercrombie & Fitch. We shot in Key West and it was a really amazing week. I made friends there that I am still close with to this day.

Q. How do you keep fit, what is your training routine and menu?
A: I grew up playing sports, So I am used to always wanting to be active. I can’t sit still for more than 10 minutes haha. I am in the gym probably 6 days a week. Not necessarily lifting weights but I really love doing anything active that gets my heart rate up. Jump rope, running, cycling. I love doing calisthenics. I do weights about 3 times a week.

I have a License to teach Cycling. I teach at Crunch Gym in NYC. It has really been awesome I’ve made great friends in my classes and have a really great following of devoted spinners. I really love knowing that I’m helping people better themselves by coming to my classes every week! (If anyone wants to come take my class search me on the Crunch website!)

Q. How do you define your style and what your favorite store to shop?
A: My style is always changing. I do not shop that much, I am kind of impulsive when I shop…so that doesn’t help haha. I go to vintage stores around the city and find things that no one else has. Generally I would say I have a Classic/GQ style. I like everything to be well tailored and fit properly. I don’t want to look like I’m trying to hard. I like jeans, T shirt, some cool shoes and top it off with some Ray Bans. I would rather people notice me for my personality than for what I’m wearing.

Q. What are your main interests & hobbies?
A: I have been studying acting since I was young. That was my first passion and dream. I don’t think an actor can ever be done learning no matter how old he or she is, so it is a constant study of mine. I have just signed with CESD for acting and have started working on some projects! Other hobbies include drawing/painting/writing/blogging/cycling/anything fitness!

Q. What is the one fashion item that you can’t live without?

Q. What is your favorite place in New York?
A: Central Park. Every time I go it looks different and I see something new and its a nice escape from the streets.

Q. Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?
A: My favorite models are Olga Kabulova, Letecia Price, Ryan Kennedy and Akin Akman. They are some of my closest friends and they are humble and inspiring.

Q. Which fashion magazines do you like to read?
A: GQ/Details/Essential Hommes/Mens Vogue

Q. What’s your fashion mantra?
A: I’ve never thought about it, but going with what I said before. I think the hottest thing anyone can wear is confidence.

Q. Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why?
A: A portrait one of my best friends took of me in black and white.

Q. What is fun and rewarding about modeling?
A: It a very spontaneous lifestyle which is great. Traveling to new and interesting, beautiful locations. Meeting people from around the world and getting to know their stories! I am really interested in know peoples journeys and hearing about their travels!

Q. What do you dislike about modeling?
A: The only thing is that it can be sporadic at times. You can be booked out for 2 weeks straight be so busy, Then you might not have a job for another week or two. There is a lot of downtime, which really doesn’t bother me because I have learned to fulfill my life with many other meaningful things that do not always have to do with my career.

Q. What advice do you have for other aspiring models?
A: Be patient. It’s either going to happen over night or you will have to be prepared to be dedicated and work hard, be yourself, have other things going on in your life as well and make sure to take advantage of all of the amazing opportunities that these cities have to offer.

Q. Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers?
A: Bruce Weber, Terry Richardson, Hedi Slimane.

Q. What does fashion mean to you?
A: It’s expression, a sense of individuality but also makes people feel like they can be a part of something by following a trend, it reflects our moods, its art, innovation, never ending.

Q. What distinguishes a good model from a bad one?
A: The ability to forget about who you are and become the vision of the artist you are working for.

Q. How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?
A: Modeling has helped my acting skills. I have become incredibly comfortable in my own skin and aware of my body.

Q. what’s inspire you in life as a person?
A: My family. Everything I do is for them. I have a GIANT family. They are the only people I am trying to impress. And I strive to make them proud of me everyday. I have a lot of little nieces and nephews and little cousins and make them see that you can do anything and be anything you want.

Q. what’s the dream project you fantasize to do?
A: I want to be in images that inspire someone, and films that move people and that they can relate to.

Q. thru out your modeling carrier so far what is the best memory you have?
A: I am very thankful to have a sense and taste of success and I remember that first feeling of accomplishment and I always will. It drives me and keeps me going.

Q. where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A: I try not to look too far in the future. I refuse to miss the next 9 years too focused something I do not have yet. I am trying to live in the moment and better myself and move forward in the general direction of accomplishing all of my goals. My mom told me “If you can’t handle the things you have in your life now, how can you expect to be given more?” I try to live by that. I want to appreciate the things I have, be positive and know I can achieve anything I want to achieve and it will come when I’m ready for it.

Tim Bryan is cool, down to hearth person and fantastic model. his carrier keep rising up and growing day by day, we will keep following Tim’s projects and bring you up to speed with news, so keep following, New York fashion week is coming up so sure enough we will see him around. keep up the good work and keep spinning. (we definitely going to come & try the spin class).

Some personal Photos, Day to day of Tim Bryan:

Tim Bryan Agency Represented By: Q Model Management in NYC and Major Model Management in Milan Italy

You Can follow Tim Bryan and be updated about his journey on his personal blog, Tim Said:
”I always feel like I need to be doing something productive so if I have a few free moments I’m usually posting on my new blog 🙂 I’ve been through so many ups and downs living in New York City. I have tons of crazy/happy/sad/hilarious/outrageous stories that I fully intend on publishing someday”.

So follow Tim on his blog :

Also you can follow Tim Bryan on Twitter:!/TimmyBryan