Today we introduce you up and coming fashion model / actor Barrett Pall from New York.

Barrett Pall (22) originally from Long Island, moved off to the big city for college with aspirations to take over the world.

Barrett Pall Graduated from NYU in May 2010 studied Media, Culture and Communication and minored in Political Science and TV Producing, and has since been gracing the covers of magazine, traveling the world, and showing you what he’s all about.

Some of the clients Barrett worked for include: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Modern Luxury, Hobbs and Kent, Diesel, Lacoste, and many more.

His campaign for Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has just been launched.

We seat down with Barrett Pall for an exclusive interview for nyc-fashion blog. Here we go…

Q: How did you become a model, and what was your first break?
A: My friends at NYU really wanted me to try and model being that we were in the city, so when one of my friends decided to send her images out to the agencies I let her take my images and send them out along with hers. We both ended up hearing back from agencies and the rest is history. In terms of my first big break I would say it was working with the amazing Tony Duran. He is a genius, but my career as a whole has been a steady progression upwards with a lot of perseverance and hard work.

Q: How do you keep fit, what is your training routine and menu?
A: I’m not going to lie staying in shape is a lot of hard work. I lift weights, do yoga, run, and eat healthy. I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years, so for me living healthy and exercising is second nature. I love getting sweaty in any capacity…if you know what I mean.

Q: How do you define your style and what your favorite store to shop?
A: My style is an erratic combination, something like preppy urban with some biker, beach and lumberjack thrown in. I love my Levis and my favorite store to shop in is any vintage/thrift store. I like having stuff no one else does.

Q: What are your main interests & hobbies?
A: Acting, modeling, Karma, optimism, adrenaline rushes, beaches, foreign places, interesting people, Europe, traveling, warm weather, NYC, cities, loving life, having fun, and being outdoors.

Q: What is the one fashion item that you can’t live without?
A: I can’t live without my Aldo brown destroyed boots. I’ve had them for four years and everyone loves them. (A plain white Hanes v-neck and my Levis 511 are a close 2nd and 3rd).

Q: What is your favorite place in New York?
A: My favorite place in NY is Washington Square Park because it will forever be the center of where I feel in love with the city because it’s my college campus, NYU. Its also just a beautiful park that is full of history.

Q: You recently visited Israel our homeland ( Tal Peer & Roy Fire ), tell us about your trip to Israel?
A: I love Israel and have been there 2 times in the past year and have plans to go back in January. I went for the first time when I was 21 on my birthright trip and it made me so proud of my religion and made me feel so much more in touch with my own spirituality.

Q: what was your thoughts about the country / did you enjoy it?
A: Israel is truly one of the most beautiful, historic, and spiritual places in the world and I think everyone needs to experience the country at least once in their life.

Q: what was your favorite place in Israel?
A: My favorite place in Israel has to be the Western Wall. There is just something so powerful about it that you cannot help but feel a higher energy while in its presence. The Dead Sea is also pretty amazing, its just such a cool feeling to bob along in the water without doing anything…but be careful of the salt and any “holes” you may have in your body haha.

Back to the modeling:

Q: Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?
A: I’d love to have a career like Kerry Degman, he’s killing it right now. I love Burberry their stuff just fit me like a glove. Gucci and Calvin Klein are also some of my favorites.

Q: Which fashion magazines do you like to read?
A: GQ, Esquire, and Rolling Stone are three magazines that really just know how to bring a cool factor to men’s fashion and a way of living in general.

Q: What’s your fashion mantra?
A: If you have confidence then you can rock anything.

Q: Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why?
A: I would have to say Tony Duran’s images of me are my favorite because they are classic and beautiful.

Q: What is fun and rewarding about modeling?
A: I love that I’ve been able to travel and meet so many people through modeling, but I also love that you get to dress up take on a character and go into your own world with just the photographer and yourself.

Q: What do you dislike about modeling?
A: There is a lot of pressure in modeling on things you can’t change (your appearance) and that’s rough, but it’s also the industry. I’ve found that once you are just happy with you it gets so much more fun and rewarding.

Q: What advice do you have for other aspiring models?
A: Don’t give up, stay fit, and just have fun with it, its just modeling its not like we are saving the world.

Q: Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers?
A: I love Tony Duran in case that isn’t already clear haha. I also love Steven Klein, Doug Inglish, and Steven Meisel.

Q: What does fashion mean to you?
A: Fashion to me is the ultimate form of expression. You can communicate so much simply by what you decide to adorn yourself with. I think that’s a pretty cool thing.

Q: What distinguishes a good model from a bad one?
A: I don’t know if there is a difference between a good model and a bad model, but if someone is hard to work with I would say they are a bad model. As a model you are there to wear clothes and essentially be a real life mannequin.

Q: How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?
A: Modeling has allowed me the opportunity to do things and meet people I never thought I would. It’s kind of also allowed me to be a role model for people I know, which is cool.

Q: what’s inspire you in life as a person?
A: I’m inspired by the goodness in people, the fact that one person can make a change, and my family.

Q: what’s the dream project you fantasize to do?
A: I would love to do Calvin Klein’s underwear ads. They are iconic and the ultimate form of sexy.

Q: thru out your modeling carrier so far what is the best memory you have?
A: I bugged out when I saw myself in Rolling Stone for the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Ad. Its my dream to be on the cover, so to be only 4 pages away felt crazy.

Q: where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A: In 10 years I see myself living a bicoastal life, starring in either movies or a tv show, and just enjoying life to the fullest.

Q: Do you want to share anything with the viewers that nobody knows?
A: I am a member of the AEPi Fraternity, what up boys. I graduated NYU Steinhardt as Senior Class President with honors, I live for word games, I don’t take my self seriously at all, and you have just started to see what I can do.

Barrett Pall journey Just started and growing strong, with his fun and positive spirit and down to earth attitude Barrett carrier will keep rising up.

we will keep following and check in with the new projects Barrett Pall has on the horizon, and bring you updates on our nyc-fashion blog.

agencies represented are:

NY-Root Management
Miami- MC2

You can follow Barrett Pall on his personal Links:!/barrett.pall

Some Personal photos of Barrett Pall