We love Essie’s nail polish (well Tal loves it Roy is too much of a “man” for pedicure and manicure).  And when Tal heard about the new Essie Morticia Nail Polish set she was so excited, she’s dying to see the Adams Family on Broadway and what better way to celebrate the show with a new collection that was inspired by Morticia .

The Essie Morticia Nail Polish set includes 3 shades:

  1. Midnight Tango
  2. Bone Chilling White
  3. Blood Curdling Red

The Blood Curdling Red is Tal’s favorite it looks perfect on her fair skin.

 The Essie Morticia Nail Polish will be aviliable for $30. You will be able to get it at The Addams Family Musical’s Virtual Store and at the websites of Essie. Be sure to get your set because it’s a limited edition and there will be only 5,000 pieces and all the proceeds from the sale will benefit The Actors Fund.

The Actors fund is a non-profit group that helps actors. The brain behind this collection is Bebe Neuwirth, an Emmy- and Tony- award winning actress who plays Mrs. Addams on The Adams Family Broadway show:

“Every fashionable lady of the darkness will be drawn to Morticia’s Nails. Blood Curdling Red is certain to scare the crows away. Bone Chilling White will remind you that death is just around the corner. And Midnight Tango is all but certain to keep the passion alive”.


Images Property of Essie.