This is one of my favorite brands. ENERGIE from Italy. and just in time for the holiday.

With its strong denim and urban style, ENERGIE does not follow established trends and is always focused on the selection of quality materials, advance treatments and production techniques.

BLASTIN WORLD: ultimate rockstar pieces include print T-shirts emblazoned with images of screaming fans, wild rockers and guitars.
WILD BANDIT: worn-effect leather and vintage-look denim pays homage to the Wild West.
SPORT ATTACK: sportswear and military looks battle it out and combine to form a vibrant street-style hybrid.
GHOST RIDER: a ride back to the Swinging Sixties, referencing “Easy Rider” style via ergonomic cuts and Sixties-look statement pieces.
DENIM: Energie denim evolves once more, paying ever greater attention to detail in order to create stand-out, individual pieces.
Key styles are the skinny low-crotch LEAGUE, the slim fit VIRGO, the regular fit CRIO.
Favourite styles are updated, such as ARIES and SCORPIO.

For the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, ENERGIE looks to the city streets for inspiration.
Club kids, urban trends and popular cultural references shape dynamic and trend-driven looks.
From Western to sportswear, 80’s heavy metal to army, this collection defines edgy urban style.
New denim styles have been introduced with classic shapes remixed for 2010.

The brand philosophy’s is all about real Style Clash, a concept perfectly defining the experimental and original attitude of the garments: ENERGIE is a brand, in which denim and fashion live without limits and boundaries, clashing, meeting and giving life to a unique and innovative style.

The distinctive ENERGIE identity is created through the mixing and matching of distinctive styles, fabrics, cuts and designs.
Vintage touches rework and re-invent every piece. In ENERGIE style universe, Denim is a fabric that allows experimentations and it is a key of all the brand’s collections.
Research, new treatments, premium fabrics and experimental washes give ENERGIE garments the well-worn features and ‘tough’ personality, that have always characterized the world of ENERGIE.

Here are the full Fall / Winter 2010/11 Lookbook:

Here are the samples to create the looks from the collection:

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