Brilliant campaign  – the Diesel Sneakers Kicking asses campain for fall/

Winter 10/11.  As Diesel wrote on their Twitter page – “Many people deserve a kick in the ass for the things they do.

But sometimes it is not what they do, but the stuff that comes out of their mouth what makes them kickable” and we say Amen to that.

Since Roy is a shoecoholic he bought a pair and he absolutely loves them.

We will let the photos/cool videos do the rest of the job.

Diesel Sneakers FW´10.
Not made for running. Great for kicking asses.

<:OBJECT width="640" height="385">Diesel Sneakers Kicking asses campain for fall/winter 10/11 – the best campaig of the year<:OBJECT width="640" height="385">.