Diesel Noise Division: a new introduction to music devices. VEKTR is an iconic product that breaks the rules very much à la Diesel: in a world of round headphones, these have a sharp and faceted look. Inspired by Synesthesia, a neurological condition where senses get involuntary mixed up,VEKTR is the answer to the question: what if Diesel’s design was able to cross senses?
These breakthrough headphones fuse Monster’s secret experimental audio savvy with Diesel’s iconoclastic design. The result is a scientifically backed assault on your senses, further providing our advanced theories of better sound for the Braves.
Available as on-ear and in-ear, VEKTR was designed to give the listener a unique sound experience: the combination of innovative audio and visual design does not only improve the quality of sound but also its perception.

VEKTR is a striking and evocative product that speaks the language of tough industrial design.
The feel of the materials ranges from soft leather to the heavy feel of metal and its smell reminds of Diesel new clothes and leather.
For the first time ever music will involve all 5 senses for a full sensorial experience.

VEKTR’s design translates Diesel’s obsession for innovation and details: head of the Mohican inside the cushion and on the metal piece, touch of contrasting color, clash of different finishing outside-inside (shiny and matt). As an exclusive feature, even the cable with a triangular section is designed not to tangle. The dedicated pouch is a touring case in black canvas and box pack recalling the design of the headphones.

Diesel Noise Division headphones will change the way you listen to music and even your perception of sound itself.