Milk Studios on Sunday, February 12, at 3pm

Inspired from Gabriel Garcia Márquez’s “Love in the Time of Cholera”

For fall 2012 Carlos Campos presents a collection drawn from an enchanting old love story. One of a somber man who spends 50 years on a park bench waiting for his true love. Wrapped in vibrant foliage drifting through sweeping crisp cool breezes and rays of sunlight peeking through trees, this romantic collection is a breath of fresh air for the autumn season.

By using blended textiles, whimsical patterns and rich colors, the Carlos Campos fall collection explores the tale of a daydreamer infatuated with ideal and unspoken love. Wool suiting is harmoniously blended with silk cottons while silhouettes are structured creating sharp angles that maintain a masculine identity. Warm browns have been fused with passionate rose reds, alongside deep midnight blues and roasted honey wheat to express a story that will leave you both lovesick and thirsty for more.

Outerwear plays a concrete role in this love story with wool-cashmere blends and playful patch pockets with built in welt openings. Tone-on-tone seams add in a splash of distinctive personality to even the most basic garments. Knee length puffer coats will protect the love stricken man from the winter’s bitter cold but it’s the shirting options that add a whimsical layer to this emotional tale. Tailored shirts are complimented by flirtatious patterns with a fading gradient that bursts at the seam with energy giving a vivid portrayal of what it feels like to fall in love.

Color blocking sweeps through the collection providing a hint of excitement while transcending overall balance. Suiting gives off a monochromatic illusion but a hand in the pocket reveals a burgundy pant with a color blocked rose red waistband.

The simplicity and cohesiveness of each garment makes it easy to pair with one another resulting in an endless array of combinations. Whether you’re looking to layer with vibrant colors or style with a minimalist approach, this romantic collection provides the Carlos Campos man with the pieces to complete his love story.