Air out your dirty laundry with the Andrew Christian Soccer Team!

Andrew Christian is back with a promo video that features Richie Nuzzolese and the gorgeous AC soccer team. The video starts off with YouTube sensations Jessica and Hunter looking very out of placeat the local laundry mat. Hunter is complaining because Jessica brought him there on a Friday night and wants to leave, but she reassures him to stay put. Just moments later a team of mischievous soccer players enter the room and jaws hit the floor. The team captain (Richie Nuzzolese) has trouble written all over his face when he says to the other guys, “Lets Do Some Laundry.”

Clothes unzip, shorts fall off, and the temperature rises as the players strip down to their Andrew Christian underwear. Meanwhile the diverse laundry mat patrons are getting the show of their life, while drooling all over themselves. Two sexy women (Nicole Vail and Nora Merschel) cannot contain themselves and get a little frisky on each other. The always hilarious Detox Icunt is so turned on she drinks the detergent! And the video would not be complete without a conservative straight couple, with the husband (Michael Piper-Younie) having a wandering eye, and the wife (Constance Brenneman) not having any part of it.

The Andrew Christian boys continue with their show! Brandon Howell challenges Ryan Moore to an arm wrestling match, Jose Parra strips down naked, Jason Medina shakes his booty, and Richie flexes his guns.

Suddenly “Dirty Laundry” has never looked so fresh!

The song featured in the video is “I Wanna Be Your God” by Pravda

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Richie Nuzzolese – Richie is a model from NYC currently living in L.A.Richie is well known as the man who played the jock “Steve Johnson” in Katy Perry’s Video “Last Friday Night (TGIF).” He has also appeared in international commercials, large print campaigns, music videos and feature films.
Find Richie Online at:

Ryan Moore – Ryan is back by popular demand! He has a huge fan base with the Andrew Christian customers and can also be seen in our “Freshman Car Wash” video.

Jason Medina – Jason has quickly become one of the most popular Andrew Christian models of all time. Jason can also be seen in these AC videos: “Freshman Car Wash,” “Ask Kristie,” “Almost Naked Banana Split,” and “Squirtin’ in the Back Alley.”

Brandon Howell – Brandon is a new Andrew Christian model and this is his first promo video. You can find more photos of Brandon on his model mayhem account:

Jose Parra – Jose (aka Sexy Santa) turned up the heat in our “Doll Factory” video. He is new to modeling, but is making his mark! For more photos of Jose:

Jessica & Hunter – Jessica and Hunter are YouTube sensations that have a huge following and are known for their wild and campy sense of humor. They have been nominated for a New Now Next Award and been featured on Perez Hilton, The Wow Report, and Homorazzi. More of Jessica and Hunter’s at:

Detox Icunt – Detox is a well known comedienne and performer and you can find her in the Rihanna video “S&M” and in numerous Keisha videos. Become a Fan of Detox at:

Nicole Vail (right) – Nicole is a model and up and coming actress. She also played the role of the Bitchy Girlfriend in the Andrew Christian “Pink Paradise Pool Party” video.

Nora Merschel (left) – Nora has been featured in multiple Andrew Christian videos in the past and enjoys modeling in her free time whileshe continues studying business and art.

Michael Piper-Younie – Michael has been featured in multiple Andrew Christian videos and is a sketch and comedic actor. He is currently featured in a national commercial for Honda. You can find him performing at the Straight Jacket Society:

Constance Brenneman – Constance is a first timer when it comes to Andrew Christian videos, but she her resume is impressive as anactress. You may have seen her on television on The Practice and Alias or on the big screen in Swing and Love and Other Drugs.

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