I just got a first listening yesterday to the new killer’s album and I just couldn’t stop!
Finally I got an album that every song on it is worth listening.
Brandon Flowers and the gang released there 4th studio album today September 19th. The new “Battle Born” album gives you The Killers at it’s best!
The album includes 15 trucks (deluxe edition)

01. “Flesh and Bone”
02. “Runaways”
03. “The Way It Was”
04. “Here with Me”
05. “A Matter of Time”
06. “Deadlines and Commitments”
07. “Miss Atomic Bomb”
08. “The Rising Tide”
09. “Heart of a Girl”
10. “From Here on Out”
11. “Be Still”
12. “Battle Born”

Deluxe Edition
13. “Carry Me Home”
14. “Flesh And Bone (Jacques lu Cont Remix)”
15. “Prize Fighter”

The first single from the album called: Runways. here is the official video of the song:

In one word, the new Killers album is one of the best I heard in a long time.
Go gran a copy, you will enjoy it!
The Killers are on tour these days promoting the new album. make sure to check them on line and catch the show in town near you.