Last week it was my birthday and we looked for a place to have dinner. I made reservation at the Ajna Bar at 25 Little West 12th Street New York what used to be the Buddha Bar. We had 5 people at our table and we came to have fun. From the beginning it looked like our waiter is not in a good mood. Clearly he didn’t want to work that day and another table with happy hungry people was just too much for the guy.

When I asked him not to wait with my main course and bring it with the others entrées he smiled “Well you all want to eat together that’s what people usually do”  I was surprised by the cynical reaction but continued to order. I asked for a side of rice “it is too much rice” the waited said “two more people ordered rice, you can share” he said “no I do not want to share I want my rice !” I was so angry “what’s wrong with you dude?”

We end up waiting for the food for 1 hour ! One hour ! When the waiter NEVER apologized he just said “we have a bigger group here and the kitchen works on their food “or “It will not help if you keep asking about the food. When it will be ready I’ll bring it” he called the manager that apologized in the name of Ajna Bar and was surprised by what I told him about the waiter. Ajna Bar never gave us drinks or something during this long, long hour. After 50 min we wanted to go. We were so hungry. We asked for the manager for the second time but he never showed up.  I told the waiter that he ruined my birthday and he said “It is my birthday too and I don’t really care”.

Then the food came. Well not all the food, 3 out of 5 courses came. We waited and waited and asked for the Ajna Bar manager to come again, he didn’t. We started to eat and 15 min after, the 2 other people at our table got their food. The food was OK not great at all. We finished eating and the Ajna Bar waiter bring a small piece of cake and the manager whispered this is a surprise from us, sorry about everything.  LIAR! My friends asked for the cake when they came in to the Ajna Bar at the beginning of the evening. We got nothing from the Ajna Bar but the very small piece of birthday cake.

When the check came we decided not to leave a tip for the rude waiter that did everything in his power to ruin my birthday. We left him $3. When we left the Ajna Bar the waiter came after us “you didn’t leave a tip” he shouted “You do not deserve a tip” I said quietly “I’m going to call the manager” he was hysterical “listen, tip is not something that I’m obligated by law to give you. We are table of 5 people, we pay for our food, you were rude” I explained “wait here I’m calling the manager and the police. Don’t you move we are watching you” he shouted at us.

We waited and waited for a few minutes and waited some more and then we left the Ajna Bar.

It was ridicules, it was so lame, so not what it used to be when it was the Buddha Bar.

The Ajna Bar is so not the place to celebrate your birthday or celebrate anything.

The Ajna Bar is the worst place to hang out in New York city.

Don’t go there!