Roy is addicted to sneaker’s and Tal is high on stilettos and designer hand bags. Our therapist advice us before we make a trip to the fun farm.. to write a blog about it and get it out of our system… so here we are!!

The problem is that this is what we do for a living, we are fashion stylists, this is our job, we get this stuff for free and don’t ever want to get rid of it… so now what?  We are going to tell you about our crazy lives, the good and the ugly truth of the fashion world. and to keep you all up to date with the hottest trends for dudes, chicks and even trendy “bitches”.. oppss.. we mean dog’s.. real dogs.

so be wear!

Roy & Tal

Roy Fire:

Tal Peer:

Who are we!?  ok.. let’s go:
Roy Fire – I’m an international fashion director / stylist. I came from
Israel 5 years ago. i started my fashion career as a costume designer
for film, television and productions, and after establishing my mark in
this field i gained entry into the fashion industry.  After conquering
the Israeli market, i moved on to Europe and then to New York. Today i
work as a fashion stylist in burgeoning fashion, media and advertising
industry. and a personal stylist for various well known artists. After

years of working with the European Market i made my leap into the New

York fashion community. I became frustrated with fashion in the states

or the lack of it.  Now i’m here to challenge and commit to trail blaze

the American fashion scene.

In other words, this is who i am like it or not.
Tal Peer – I was a model in the 90′s, I traveled the world walked on the big runways and posed for
magazines. now i’m too old for this shit but i’m still addicted to
fashion. so what a better way to get my daily dose then to be a fashion
stylist! i met Roy behind the scenes of a Paris fashion show and we
hooked up. i moved to New York 5 years ago as well, and became a fashion
stylist and a fashion writer. in my work as a fashion stylist i’m
styling fashion editorials as well as working personally with top
artists in the business. I”m the head fashion writer and creative
director of a monthly “Erroca Face Fashion” magazine. i dare to be
different, cookie – cutter styles boar me.
We are here to tell you about
our crazy lives in the big city, save you from being fashion victims,
bring you the latest trends, give a glimpse of the wonderful world of
the fashion scenes and share our secrets.
so let’s get the party started,
Roy & Tal