The Andrew Christian Boys Have Woken Up From Their Disco Nap, Just In Time For White Party 3D 2012!

This time around, Andrew Christian teams up with Jeffrey Sanker and White Party 3D 2012 in Palm Springs, CA for their newest video! The boys are wide awake playing video games, but they aren’t quite ready to leave the bed. Some of your favorites are back, while gorgeous newcomers fill the ranks. When they aren’t admiring each other, they are tossing up feathers and diving under covers. And, there just might be another guy in this bed, but you’ll have to watch the whole video to find out.

And it doesn’t stop there. Join Andrew Christian at White Party 3D 2012 in Palm Springs for two exclusive performances: 1) at the Boxers or Briefs Party on Friday, April 6, Andrew Christian models will be re-creating the YouTube sensation “Freshman Car Wash” video (, 2) and at the Splash! Pool Party on Saturday, April 7, the boys will re-create the “Pink Paradise Pool Party” video ( You can also see the live performance of the song in the video, “Let’s Get Naughty” by Jessie and the Boy Toys, at the Closing Party!

Are we going to have to find four more beds, if we expect these little angels to be well rested for White Party?

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